Cyber Attacks Our Children

by Ima

There are many benefits that internet can bring to us and one of them is what can can help us accomplish. However, there are always two sides of a coin. And we should know the other side of the cyber world so we can protect our family and our selves. We know that internet can have a dark side and we have to protect those we are concerned about from the animosity of the internet. Children and teenagers would seem very vulnerable to predators in the internet and would just give in when just being threatened by dangerous people in the internet. When parents are afraid that someone would violate their children in real life, they must be even more afraid because there are even more violators in the internet. Most of violators are often cannot be traced up and would happen under their nose. They might be too late when they do not guard their children enough of the dangers that are prevalent in the internet world today. We sometimes left unnoticed the ways they would attack our children through the internet. The attacks are sometimes even more subtle and would come in forms of teasing that is termed now as “cyber bullying.” We would think at first that it is just a simple child game but to our young ones it is even more serious because it affects them emotionally and even mentally. As parents, we must heighten our protection to our children and make sure that their concerns are always addressed personally. 

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