What is CRM software and how we can use it?

by Ima

I came across to this web site CRMSoftware.co.nz and that was the first time I have heard about CRM. For those who don’t know CRM means customer relationship management. CRM is a solution to manage your interaction with current and potential customers. CRM is using data analysis about customer’s history with a company in order to improve business relationships with customers with a special focus on customer retention and constant sales.

CRM software is able to cover a numerous set of applications designed to help businesses manage many of the following business processes:

  • Customer data
  • Customer interaction
  • Access business information
  • Automate sales
  • Track leads
  • Contracts
  • Marketing
  • Customer support
  • Clients and contacts
  • Support vendor/partner relationships
  • Employees
  • Knowledge and training
  • Assets or resources

In another word, CRM software is generally used to manage a business-customer relationship.


Some of the types of CRM Software:

Operational CRM – Gathers data, aims to integrate sales, marketing, and support. These tools are providing an operational dashboard in order to summarize the status of the prospect and to develop a strategy for him. 

Analytical CRM – Has the role to analyse gathered data and to provide important conclusions for drafting reports and making better decisions. This type of CRM uses powerful techniques, such as data mining, pattern recognition, correlation, etc.

Collaborative CRM – Is used to improve communication, and to gather information that can be used for targeting prospects and making promotional offers.

You can check different CRM solutions at the CRMSoftware.co.nz  to get the right CRM software for your business.


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